The Great Bigfoot Bonanza Saturday March 10th 2018

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The Great Bigfoot Bonanza of 2018
Saturday March 10th

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10:00AM Bigfoot
Starring John Carradine and Joi Lansing
Movie, 1970, 84 min

12:00 pm In Search Of :Monster Hunters
With Warren Thompson, Peter Byrne & Leonard Nimoy
Documentary, 1978 22 min

12:30 PM Bluff Creek “Film” Project
Documentary, 2018, 30 min
Q&A with Filmmaker Tate Hieronymus

1:15PM In Search of Bigfoot
With Robert Morgan, John Green & Rene Dahinden
Documentary, 1975, 76 min

2:45PM Daniel Perez, Guest Speaker

3:30PM Beast of WhiteHall
Q&A with Guest Filmmaker Seth Breedlove
Documentary, 2016, 39 min

4:30PM Invasion on Chestnut Ridge
Documentary, 2017, 61 min

6:00PM American Bigfoot
Documentary, 2016, 11 min

6:15PM Swan Song of Skunk Ape
Q&A with Guest Producer Matt Ralston
Documentary, 2015, 11 min
& sneak-peek Cryptozoologist documentary

7:00PM Guest Speaker Loren Coleman

8PM Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt for Bigfoot
Guest Speaker Peter von Puttkamer
Documentary, 1999, 70 min

10:00PM The Legend of Boggy Creek
Movie, 1972, 85 min

11:45pm Abominable
Movie, Horror, 2006, 94 min

Sunday March 11th

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11:00AM The Abominable Snow Rabbit
Cartoon, 1961, 6 min

11:10AM Johnny Quest – Monster in the Monastery
Cartoon, 1965, 22 min

11:30AM Ultraman – Phantom of the Snow Mountain
TV Episode, 1967, 24 min

12:20PM Man Beast
Movie, 1956, 67 min

1:45 PM Snow Devils
Movie, 1967, 78 min

3:15PM Guest Speaker Loren Coleman
Cryptozoologist & Author

3:45PM Half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman
Movie, 1955, 63 min

5PM In Search Of – Abominable Snowman
Documentary, 1979, 22 min

5:30PM The Abominable Snowman
Featuring Forrest Tucker & Peter Cushing
Movie, 1957, 85 min

7pm The Not Yetis (Live Band!)
Direct from the icy peaks of the Himalayas, The Not Yetis bring us their primitive form of rock n’ roll.

7:30PM Horror Express
With Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee & Telly Savalas
Movie, Horror, 1972, 88 min